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  • - L’expérience de l’Esprit dans les réveils religieux protestants (II)
  • In the second part of our study devoted to the experience of the Holy Spirit in the methodist movement and in the evangelical revivals of the 19th century, we see the term « baptism in the Holy Spirit » gradually emerging. The experience itself is henceforth clearly distinguished from that of conversion or being « born again » ; it is most often described as a second phase or stage in the development of the Christian Life. A question appeared in the pietist revivals of the 18th century concerning the physical and emotional manifestations of the Spirit. The same question was raised and formulated in the same terms by the leaders of the 19th century revivals. How mus we, as Christians, accept, interpret and manage the difficult problem of the Spirit’s incarnation in human subjectivity ?

  • - Le protestantisme malade de sa jeunesse
  • This article first relates the historical conditions of the birth of protestant youth movements, on the fringe of Churches. It also describes the process of their acknowledgement by the ecclesial institutions, while protecting their autonomy and their opening to non-protestants. It tries then to define the facts and the aspects of the crisis that all the protestant youth movements go through nowadays. According to the author, this crisis affects the transmission of Protestantism to the new generation, the evangelization and the social involvement of the protestant youth. The author finally wonders if those movements are still useful for French Protestantism.

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