Instructions to authors

ETR Editorial Protocol

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Note to authors


ETR publishes only hitherto unpublished articles in French, including work published elsewhere in a foreign language and newly translated into French. As long as there is a clear reference to the first publication in our review, your ETR articles may then be published elsewhere. The review accepts long articles. ETR ensures a paper edition plus a digital one via Article abstracts are also available on our site (

Presentation of the author

Indicate the name of the institution you belong to and wish to see mentioned after your name, as well as your position there.


The article must be submitted by email attachment in Word (Times New Roman, 12 for the text, 10 for the notes, first line indent 0.5 cm, lines justified). A numbered paper version of same is welcome, essential if non-Latin characters and typographical particularities are used.

Non-Latin characters

If diacritics are used, a pdf version must be sent plus the corresponding numerical typefaces in simplified transcription system and in Unicode (IFAO Greek Unicode, PMingLiU, etc.). Greek IFAO and Copt IFAO are freely available from the French Institute of Oriental Archeology in Cairo (

The typeface Times New Roman Unicode already has several diacritics, so do not use another typeface Unicode unless necessary.


The author will supply an abstract in French and another in English. A short text of between 5 and 7 lines. The French is published in introduction to the article, and the English on an Abstract page at the end of the review.

We also ask you to write a phrase of maximum 20 words to present your article and give the keywords (25 maximum) to be used by the search engine on the internet site.

N.B. This being the responsibility of the editorial staff we reserve the right to adaptation. For example we may see to the translation of the abstract in English.

Book reviews – Deadline

ETR has a book review department ( that communicates the editorial instructions specific to reports and receives your contribution. The reports must be informative and critical. ETR gives priority to short ones (3000 – 8000 characters). There is a deadline of six months. In exchange of the book review, the reviewer may keep the book, unless he/she desists, in which case the book must be returned.

Notes and Chronicles

Reports larger than book review size, and up to 15000 characters, come under the section Notes and Chronicles, particularly reserved to detailed reports with a critical analysis of one or more works on the same theme of study. In this case, give a title on the subject matter.


ETR is particularly attentive to new research, and promotes recent PhD work of quality, both French and foreign. A special section presents syntheses of interesting thesis work. These syntheses have no notes, just an abstract in French and another in English, an indication of the field of study (theology, history, philosophy etc…), title, tutor, time and place of defense, number of pages, members of the jury and their position, distinction, if any.


You will receive before printing a proposed formated version of your text. Changes in form or style, details may be requested. Please make any modifications on the copy sent for your approval, keeping strictly to the instructions given you. We are unable to modify texts after this. Your silence will be be taken as approval.

One proof only is supplied, on demand, to authors by email (pdf attachment). Author corrections are not possible at this stage. The proof must be corrected and returned to ETR as soon as possible. Corrections must take the form of a list with page, paragraph and line number, the mistake and the correction.

Offprints and Justification

ETR does not pay authors but gives them a copy of the edition to which they have contributed, plus ten offprints of their article.

Book reviewers can recover a pdf dossier of all the reports in the edition they contributed to from the review’s portal. (


Authors may contact the review and submit their contributions to the following email addresses :

For book reviews, notes, and chronicles and theses :

For articles :

For subscriptions :

Paper documents are to be sent to the following postal address :

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