Nouveau Testament

  • Stanley E. PORTER, Eckhard J. SCHNABEL (éd.), On the Writings of New Testament Commentaries. Fetschrift for Grant R. Osborne on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday, Leiden/Boston, Brill, coll. « Texts and Editions for New Testament Study 8 », 2013. 24 cm. xxiii-469 p. ISBN 978-90-04-23291-4. € 169/$US 225.

Sébastien Fresse


  • Peder BORGEN, The gospel of John: More Light from Philo, Paul and Archaeology. The Scriptures, Tradition, Exposition, Settings, Meaning, Leiden, Brill, coll. « NTS 154 », 2014. 24 cm. xxii-329 p. ISBN 978-90-04-24790-1. € 125.

Priscille MOREL


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