Les conséquences de l’incarnation : écueils de la métaphysique et enjeux théologiques. Réponse à David R. Law

Contrary to David R. Law, Mathias Hassenfratz-Coffinet considers that Thomasius’ approach is more promising than Weston’s. The latter’s dualistic anthropology (body/soul), the question of the meaning of incarnation for God and the risk of docetism are problematic, and metaphysics seems to overrule theology in his system. With Thomasius, a perfectly « self-determined » vision of God is problematic, yet the humanity of Christ as well as Jesus’ human development are treated in the better way.

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p. 341-345


Mathias HASSENFRATZ-COFFINET est vicaire de l'Union des Églises protestantes d'Alsace et de Lorraine en juillet 2021.