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  • - Retour de l’âme : immortalité et résurrection dans le christianisme primitif
  • This paper offers a plea in favour of the soul in front of the many scholars who give the body their favour. Going back in time, to Christian authors of late Antiquity, François Bovon displays their opinions and underscores the eminence that should be given to the soul. He also recalls the point of view of apostolic authors and of Jesus himself before mentioning the ethical contribution of recent reflections related to the body, and suggesting a certain way of spirituality.

  • - La cérémonie de mariage à l’église. Entre culte et event
  • Wedding services raise the difficult question of the encounter between two divergent cultures. Félix Moser calls the first the culture of the event ; the second the traditional liturgical culture. Symbolic interaction allows the celebrant to adopt appropriate attitudes, and leads to a productive compromise which gives meaning and significance to the celebration of a « church wedding ».

  • - Paroles d’Eglises dans l’espace public – Autorité et légitimité
  • In a protestant context, public speaking by ecclesiastical authorities is not self-evident. At the conclusion of a critical inventory of the cultural and theological reasons traditionally opposed to the churches’ expression in the public space, Michel Bertrand argues that it is proper to the ministry of preaching, with which it shares both its mission of service and its greatness.

  • - Visages du Réveil à travers le Journal de mission du pasteur François David Delétra
  • In 1841, the Swiss pastor François David Delétra travelled across the French region of Ardèche as a revivalist missionary. His recently edited diary reveals a contrasted character, sensible at once to Enlightenment rationalism and to Romantic emotionalism. Jacqueline Assaël shows how this diary reflects the complexity of the French Awakening movement, the rival tendencies of which contaminate each other in the first half of the nineteenth century.

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