ETR prize

Once a year, ETR awards a price to young researchers whose  work comes within the scope of the review’s subject matter. The prizewinners, holders of a PhD from a French or foreign university of theology or other higher education establishment, are rewarded for articles on religious studies, particularly innovative research in the themes of the review (biblical exegesis, history, systematic theology, philosophy, both ethical and dogmatic, practical theology).


A call for contributions is sent out in March. Articles must be submitted to the review’s site between 1st and 31st March. After a careful study of all submitted texts by the editorial board, one or two are selected for publication. The ETR prizewinners are selected in October and their text published in December.


To be eligible texts must be :

  • Hitherto unpublished, not exceeding 45000 characters (including spaces)
  • Written in French and conforming to the typographical standards of the review (download the Protocole éditorial ETR]
  • Submitted during the month of March in docx (with a pdf version if there are special characters)
  • Accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the thesis tutor and a note about the author (cv, list of publications)


Prix ETR
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